WOW!  I know I'm not good at updating our Blog but I didn't realize how long it had been!  This was taken August 7, 2012, the 2nd day of 5th grade & 2nd grade.  Unbelievable how much they've grown!  Beautiful kids, I must say!!!  :)

O Christmas Tree

The tree is up, decorated & well lit! The kids had a great time putting the ornaments on. This is the first year they've argued over who gets to put the star on top!

Tree farm

Beautiful day at Osage Tree Farm.
Tristan, my nephew, is in the pic with Dawson & Belle.

THE hair cut

I cut about 12" off Belle's hair (per her request)! She's donating it to Locks Of Love:)
It's very cute & looks so healthy & beautiful!
She is thrilled with it......Daddy, not so much!!!

Uncle Shucks Pumpkin Patch

Belle is 5

Our little princess turns 5!


Sept. 2009

Belle's first day of Preschool

2nd Grade

First day of 2nd grade!

What a handsome young man!

New Addition

Nik with the new pup, Daisy

Aug. 2009

Jekyll Island - July 2009

July 4, 2009

Dawson got to race Chopper @ the Gwinnett Braves baseball game. Chopper got a big head start but Dawson took him in the end!!!

July 3, 2009

They love Rookie & he loves them!